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Our story

We are a 100% Mexican owned company committed to promote strong corporate practices with our local farmers, producers, and people who love guacamole.


That is why we decided to introduce this innovative product to break the traditional barriers derived from a growing need: bringing an authentic guacamole flavor to every corner of the world in easy & fast way through our 3-step product.

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Who are we?

Ready to Guac was born with a clear purpose: Revolutionize the way we consume avocados and guacamole. We understand that our fans are conscious consumers, concerned about their health, the planet and their communities, and are constantly looking to learn more about the impact the products they consume have in these areas.


Recent studies show that our love for avocados are not longer sustainable for the health of the planet, its distribution raises the amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which causes global warming. This is the reason why we truly believe our product can make a huge difference by eradicate those negative effects in our environment by a simple solution: 

Our freeze-dried technique allow us to maintain this love story with guacamole, reminding us that technology can provide sustainable solutions and alternatives to enjoy the foods we love.

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