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Ready to Guac is an authentic flavor guacamole, made with 100% Hass avocado from Mexico.

Just add water and enjoy!

“Made with 100% Hass Avocados

from Mexico, Ready to Guac is a quick 3-step guacamole product bringing an authentic flavor to every corner of the world, in a sustainable way”

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From Mexico to the world

Respect for the world is what truly drives us; from the land we work, the people who worked it and the love we put in each one of our products. We move with the earth, not against it, creating a holistic and clean product that you can share with those you love the most.

We know technology is not at odds with natural, it is the right use of it what will helps us to become a better company and better people. We are Ready to Guac.

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Our freeze-dried technology allows us to offer an all-natural, gluten free, vegan, no-sugars, no-additives, no-preservatives product, while keeping all nutrients, antioxidants and healthy fats and fiber found in Hass avocados. 

This way, Ready to Guac helps reducing avocado waste and CO2 emotions as it does not require refrigeration maintaining its freshness and flavor for at least 12 months.

$9.99 USD

Freeze - Dried technique

A unique freeze-drying technology allows us to introduce authentic-tasting guacamole made with 100% Hass avocados to every corner of the world, providing a long life for consumption, maintaining all nutrients, reducing product waste and CO emissions, as well as supporting our workers in local communities without sacrificing its flavor.

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Enjoy an authentic Guacamole flavor in 3 easy steps:

Pour all the freeze-dried guacamole into a deep bowl


Carefully add

water (approximately 1/4 of a cup)


Stir until reaching a smooth consistency

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